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Family News

Family News



Mr. Elias Goodman        
Chava Ross
Menachem Mendel Feder
Shavtai Pewzner
Yechiel Jacobs
Moshe Ross
Priel Boaron
Shmuel Isaac Popack
Julia Tsyvin
Mr. Avi Popack
Mr. Willilam Edward Roberts
Daniel Neckonoff
Mrs. Chaya Hatten 



~  May 28—Sivan 3       Husband of                                                Annette Lavovitz
                                       Rabbi Eugene                                          Labovitz
~  May 30—Sivan 5       Father of Leah                                          Luckman
   Mr. Stanley Luckman
~  May 30—Sivan 5       Father of Yosef                                          Yitzchak Popack
    Rabbi Shmuel Isaac Popack
~  May 30—Sivan 5       Father of Susan                                        Sachs
     Mr. Allan Gelfond
~  June 2—Sivan 8        Sister of Isaac                                          Bitton
     Mrs. Mercedes Feldman





Mazel Tovs

~ Jonathan & Jamie Nelson on the marriage of their daughter, Shifra to Yoni Speiser

~ Gershon & Malka Akerman on the Upsherin of their son, Zev 

~Jonathan & Marcy Farrell on the Bar Mitzvah of Sammy Frank

~ Yaakov Stein & the Stein family on his graduation from Columbia University 

~ Sully & Faigie (Begun) Klein on the birth of a boy 
and to the grandparents, Isaac & Chanie Begun.
Sholom Zachar at the Begun home, 1 Pine Street, Woodmere beginning at 9:30 pm.
The bris will iy”h be 8:00 am on Monday, May 29, 2017
at the Klein home, 90 Meadow Lane, Lawrence


Faigie Begun Klein on the birth of a boy 
and to the grandparents, Isaac & Chanie Begun

Youth Calendar


Wednesday, June 7                  •          Bat Mitzvah Club Finale

Thursday, June 8                      •          Chai Five Finale

Friday, June 16                         •           Gan Chamesh Graduation Parade, 10:00 am

Shabbat June, 17                     •           Birthday Shabbat for children born in                                                                         Tammuz, After morning services

Tuesday, June 27                      •           Camp Gan Israel Begins



In appreciation to this week’s charitable donors, 5/25

Asaf & Zelda Advocat
Blanche Arker
Daniel T. & Myrna Beer
Rabbi Yaakov & Bryna Bender
Sylvia Bernstein
Chuteplus LLC
Mark Eisenberg
Harvey & Francisca Ellner
Meir & Sarah Faynshtayn
Aaron & Mimi Fehler
Simon & Miriam Felder
Chaim & Judy Freud
Gerald & Gertrude Greene
Barry & Suzanne Gurvitch
Irwin M. & Bea Haims
Yossi & Leora Hammer
Jerusalem Florist
Ralph Klein
Platnum Legal
Yosef Yitzchak & Penina Batsheva Popack
Herbert & Charlotte Rosenberg
Dennis & Sandra Rosenzweig
Terrel & Lizzy Ross
David & Chanie Schechter
Gloria Schoenbach
Ken & Kimberly Schuckman
Lawrence & Helene Sher
Moshe & Judith Susman
Florence E. Weinerman
Melvin & Roberta Young



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