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Family News

Family News





Haily Parnes     

Moshe Yitzchok Peretz Sanders

Aliza Leah Schebovitz

Yosef Stern

Devorah Leah Fishbein

Chasys Ross

Haviva Bitton

Mrs. Joan Carlsen

Avi Zwibel






~  July 15 - Tammuz 21          
Father of Mayer Preger
Mr. Menachem Nachum Preger  

~  July 15 - Tammuz 21            
Mother of Elkie Probkovitz
Mrs. Tuby Fischlowitz

 ~  July 16 - Tammuz 22        
Father of Leah Rosenthal-Schnoll
Mr. Avraham Simcha Rosental   

~  July 17 - Tammuz 23            
Father of Avi Shapiro

Rabbi Solomon Shapiro

 ~  July 17—Tammuz 23            
Father of Efrem Schnoll
Mr. Arnold Schnoll         

~  July 18 - Tammuz 24            
Father of Ely Baum

Mr. Shlomo Baum

~  July 18—Tammuz 24            
Sister of Ben Farkas

Chaya Rochel Farkas

 ~  July 19—Tammuz 25            
Father of Debby Kaminetzky-Oberstein
Mr. Dov Kaminetsky

~  July 21 - Tammuz 27            
Mother of Faye Adams

Mrs. Raizel Leah Abramowitz

~  July 21 - Tammuz 27            
Mother of Mayer Bleiberg

Mrs. Sara Bleiberg

 ~  July 21—Tammuz 27            
Father of Harry Finkelman
Mr. Simcha Bunim Finkelman

~  July 21—Tammuz 27            
Father of Marlene Teichamn

Mr. David Glassman


  Mazel tov


 ~ Aryeh & Bracha Blumenthal on the birth of a son, Binyomin Tzvi..

~ Marty & Deanna Goldberg on the birth of a grandson

~  Bracha/Jessica and Zev Kahane on the birth of a baby girl. Mazal tov to the grandparents, Karen and Avi Shapiro 

~ Mazal tov and much success to Vivien and Harry Finkelman as they embark on their Aliya to Eretz Yisroel. 





Youth Calendar


 ~  Shabbat, July 22 • Birthday Shabbat for Av, after morning services

 ~ Monday, August 7 • Bagel Babies and Clubs Sign up begins



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Menachem & Perl D. Ash

Ely & Elisheva Baum

Daniel & Ruth Berger

Chanina & Roselyn Berman

Sylvia Bernstein

Haidee Blumenthal

City Central Dermatology

Roslyn Cohn

James Eisdorfer

Ben & Esther Farkas

Arlene Geller

Motty & Sharrone Glick

Stanley & Brenda Goldstein

Tracy Gordon

Moshe & Shuli Hamaoui

Michael & Chaya Hatten

Jerusalem Florist

Ralph Klein

Herb & Carol Lempel

Joseph & Alice Leventhal

David & Robin Nussbaum

Reuven & Sandy Polansky

Shimshi & Yocheved Rosenberg

Nachman & Fraidy Ross

Haviv & Yehudit Shemtov

Tuvia & Lyn Spiegel

White Plains Rd Medical Services

Mark & Janet Zimmerman









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