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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits


Basic Membership

• Complimentary tickets to Annual Membership Melava Malka Gala
• Two High Holiday seats
• Listing of departed loved ones in Yizkor Booklet
• 25% discount on Hebrew School
• 20% discount on Bar/Bat Mitzvah fees (after 1st year of membership – must be enrolled in our Hebrew School)
• 5% discount on Gan Chamesh Preschool 2017
• 10% discount on most events and programs
• Menorah & Candles for Chanukah mailed to college age children at school
• Life Cycle event services
• Meals delivered for new babies and shiva
• Belonging to an amazing Jewish community & building lifelong friendships

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Upcoming events
Apr. 28, 2017
with Rabbi Aharon Fehler
Apr. 28, 2017
with R' Eliezer Cohen
Apr. 29, 2017
with R' Nachman Ross
Apr. 29, 2017
With R' Nachman Ross (time changes weekly)
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