MARC WEINER is back with his all-new one-man show!
All new one-man show featuring humorous reflections on being a traditional Jew, with a focus on the humor of a Kiddush. Show includes all new hilarious props.
Humorous Reflections on Becoming a Traditional Jew

Marc Weiner has done it again with his all new one man Jewish comedy show, KIDDUSH: THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD, a funny and delightfully insightful look into becoming a Traditional Jew. Marc tells funny stories and uses uproariously funny and inventive "Jewish props" to keep everyone laughing. The New York Times calls Marc Weiner "A gifted comic". Marc makes every Jew laugh whether they are observant, non-observant, kids or adults. Marc Weiner's KIDDUSH: THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD is certified 100% kosher and Rabbi approved as clean, non-offensive, and perfect for your next dinner, fund-raiser, concert, or simcha. Marc Weiner's KIDDUSH: THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD is touring the world and playing to enthusiastic audiences everywhere.

Parents know Marc Weiner from frequent TV spots on Saturday Night Live, Comic Strip Live, Evening at the Improv, Caroline's Comedy Hour, Make Me Laugh, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN and Sesame Street.

Kids know Marc Weiner from his hugely successful show, Nickelodeon Weinerville, The Weinerville Chanukah Special, The Weinerville Election Special (with Senator Lieberman), Nickelodeon's Figure It Out, Nick Jr.'s Wordville with Marc Weiner and Friends, and currently Nick Jr.'s new smash hit show Dora the Explorer.

Marc Weiner has performed at: Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Jewish Museum, Westbury Music Fair, The QE 2, The Kravis Center, The Coral Springs City Center, Hershey Park, Paramount Park, Six Flags, The Nevele, The Ritz Carlton, The Diplomat, The Loews, The Homowack, The Fountainebeau, The PGA, The Bonaventure, The Rye Town Hilton, and many other hotels.

Marc Weiner has also performed his Jewish show for numerous Temples, Synagogues, Yeshivas, & Chabad dinners and fund raising events throughout the world.


"The evening was highlighted by an unforgettable and hilarious performance by well-known, master comic, Marc Weiner".
Jewish Journal, Florida

"Your comedy routine "Kiddush: The Ultimate Battlefield" was fantastic. It was funny, entertaining, and educational. People are still talking about it and you helped make the evening a tremendous success. You were very professional and warm and many people commented that they enjoyed talking to you during dinner.
Rabbi Menachem Block-Chabad of Plano/Collin County, Texas

"The crowd loved you and your props"
Torah Life and Living, Florida

"Thank you for an amazing evening, my jaws still hurt from laughing. We had such a mixed crowd of observant and non-observant people and you were able to reach all of them. I wish you much success in all your endeavors and once again thank you for giving us all the greatest gift... Laughter!"
Batsheva Williamson, program director- Chabad Palo Alto, CA

"We absolutely loved the show. Adults and kids both thought you were the best!"
Newburgh Jewish Community Center

Newspaper article:
Here's the story: Jewish ledger 3/1/01
Comedian Marc Weiner celebrates his religion with humor
By Frank Szivos

'Marc Weiner's parents often shook their heads and wondered where their young son would fit in. He once brought home a report card from grammar school with a note that warned if his behavior didn't change the young man could be headed for ("a side show") serious trouble. But Weiner, has had the last laugh. A comic for more than 27 years now, Weiner has appeared regularly on Saturday Night Live, HBO comedy specials, a three-year run on Nickelodeon with his own kids' variety show and dozens of other television, movie and comedy club appearances.

"I love creating new materials and I've worked with wonderful people," Weiner says. "I love to bring laughter into the world." But even though Weiner was cruising in the entertainment fast lane, something was missing. He says he was looking for something more to complete his life. In the mid-1980s he became a baal teshuvah, turning religious and living an more observant Jewish life. But Weiner, 48, is still a comic. As much as he embraces his faith, his comic eye noticed funny things about Jewish rituals. He worked up a comedy routine that he now performs for hundreds of congregations and Jewish organizations across the nation. He's even done the routine in Carnegie Hall.

"When you throw someone into a religious world who is not religious, there's plenty of opportunities for humor," Weiner says. "I've just observed so many of rituals and poked some fun at them. It's certainly not offensive. I enjoy doing it."

Weiner has written a second routine that he's currently performing. The reviews have been great. One of Weiner's favorite characters is General Schwarzfork. He dreamed up this general who teaches Jews survival techniques for eating at the Kiddush. Weiner observes that when Jews and food come together, it's the survival of the fittest. The strongest eat best, he jokes. Weiner wrote his Jewish routine with Harold Bernstein (president of his synagogue, Agudath Sholom in Stamford), and his wife Sandy, an artist who paints furniture and makes Judaic items. He typically runs his material by her for a final approval.

"I guess I have a comic ear," Sandy notes.

SUBHEAD: Comedic genes

Weiner believes he gets his comedic genes from his parents. His father Mel started Best Plumbing Supply in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. (there's now a branch in Greenwich) and his mother Adele was a homemaker. They were both funny but often they didn't know it, Weiner says. After college and some odd jobs, he studied mime and was a street performer. He also learned puppetry.

"I used to talk to my hand when I did a routine so I decided to put a puppet on it," he notes.

Weiner is the voice of the "Map and ""Swiper" on the Nick Jr. animated series "Dora The Explorer." He's also the Mighty Mint Man with his puppets in a commercial for candy mints that is running in England. His faith is important to him and laughing about it is his way of celebrating it.

"I feel I'm exposing Jews to Jewish laws in a non-threatening way," Weiner says. "In a way, I'm teaching them about Judaism. I guess my career has gone in diverse directions. I've just gone along for the ride. I like where I'm headed now."