“Tell me, I forget
Show me, I remember,

Involve me, I understand.”

At Gan Chamesh, we will not merely tell your child or show your child. We will actively involve your child in every aspect of his/her education.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, we believe that meaningful curriculum can be created around the children’s interests. The Reggio philosophy is an innovative and inspiring approach that values the child as being strong, capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge.

The curriculum at our school is based on age-appropriate, developmentally accepted practice. The classroom set-up is comprised of Learning Centers that allow the children to have choices and to actively explore the diverse opportunities in their environment.

The goals of our curriculum include the development of fundamental skills, including:

• Auditory Discrimination Skills

• Listening Comprehension

• Following Directions

• Predicting

• Comparing & Contrasting

• Visual Memory

• Patterning Skills

• Problem-Solving Skills

• Seriating Skills

• Shape Recognition Skills

• Alef Beis

• Alphabet

• Print Concepts

• Writing

• Numbers (0-12)

• One-to-One Correspondence

• Classification Skills

• Color Recognition

• Small Motor Skills

• Large Motor Skills

• Eye-hand Coordination

• Self-concept

• Dramatic Play

• Cause & Effect

• Self-help Skills

• Language

• Emergent Literacy

• Photographical Awareness

• Counting

• Sorting

• Sequencing

• Positional Concepts

• Graphing

• Classifying

• Shapes

• Colors

• Science

• Experimenting

• Independent Thinking

• Small/Large Muscle Control

• Socialization

• Creative Expression

Central to our curriculum is instilling in our students a love for Torah, middos, Jewish life and tradition. Through experiential learning, children will internalize lessons and develop a strong Jewish identity and pride in their heritage.