Everyone is always welcome at Chabad!

Members enjoy special valuable benefits and exciting new perks, including two complimentary High Holiday seats! If you are able, would you please consider upgrading your annual level of financial commitment by becoming a member so that Chabad can successfully continue to serve the community with distinction. In addition to our regular membership, with thanks to the generosity of Sholom and Pessy Jacobs, we also offer the Tree of Life Partnership Club – Monthly dedication opportunities, which you can find on the back of this form. By donating monthly $180 or more, you will become a Tree of Life Partner. Your name will appear on a “leaf” on our Tree of Life display with the dedication of your choice, thus identifying you as someone who is committed to help insure that Chabad achieves long term survival and growth.

Membership and High Holiday seat reservations can be done online by emailing Goldie - Goldie@ChabadFiveTowns.com or in person, office hours are Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PM; Friday 9AM-2PM,

If you have questions or wish to meet in person, please contact me by email at rabbi@chabadfivetowns.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year both materially and spiritually.


Rabbi Zalman & Chanie Wolowik

Rabbi Meir & Hadassah Geisinsky
Youth Director