About us

“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.”

In early childhood, the seeds of learning, Jewish identity, curiosity and caring, are planted. Gan Chamesh fosters a life-long quest and love for learning, while building a strong foundation for social, emotional, physical, academic, creative and spiritual growth.

To us, every child is unique, with his/her own interests and learning styles. We provide our children the space and opportunity to interact and play in a meaningful environment. We are a place where children can construct new ideas and discover the world around them. Children are inspired to think, reason, question and experiment through play and hands-on activities.

We believe that the most important goals of our school are: to enhance our children’s self-esteem; to respect each child as an individual; to foster social emotional growth; and to create a sense of community and family. We strive for our young students to be stimulated and inspired to construct their own knowledge and “own” their daily experiences.

Our school is an affiliate of the international Chabad Lubavitch movement that is dedicated to spreading the wonders and rewards of Judaism throughout the globe in a non-judgmental and inclusive manner. Nearly a million Jewish children are touched via our schools, institutions, summer camps and extra-curricular programs around the world. Chabad Centers everywhere serve the needs of all Jews, no matter their level of knowledge, observance or affiliation.