On Sunday, January 12, Chabad of the Five Towns celebrated its 25th annual dinner with a nostalgic theme. Held at the exciting TWA Hotel which hearkens back to a glamorous era of flight, Rabbi Zalman and Chanie Wolowik also looked back at how much has been accomplished in 25 years. What began so simply with Chanie buying a small baby product in a store to hopefully attract one person and instead attracting a full Rosh Hashanah congregation and Rabbi Wolowik visiting an elderly man and subsequently giving him a tefillin bar mitzvah have now grown into an enormous network. Gan Chamesh, Bagel Babies, Friendship Circle, Camp Gan Israel, Smile on Seniors, and much more have benefited thousands of Five Towns families.

A capacity crowd of hundreds of people came to show their support and thank Chabad for the effect it had on their lives. More than the large numbers, it's the individual stories that mean the most. Friendship Circle participant Shoshana Simon thanked volunteer Gabby Nakkab for helping them while the volunteer Gabby Nakkab began crying at how much she loves Shoshana and her brother Izzy.

Avi Friedman was honored with reading Tehillim aloud at the beginning of the evening and Paula Friedman was honored with Pillar of Chessed for all she does for Chabad.

Mr. & Mrs. Avi & Karen Shapiro and Mr. & Mrs. Haim & Jackie Svartz were Guests of Honor and Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Sandy Goldsmith, Moshe & Ahuva Rubel were honored with the Dor L'Dor Award, Gan Chamesh Family of the Year.

No Chabad dinner would be complete without the input of Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Yitzchak & Penina Batsheva Popack, beautiful decor donated by Mr. & Mrs. Gidon & Alla Shema of Jerusalem Florist, Technical Director Mr. & Mrs. Suzanne & Gary Wallin of Gary Wallin Band, Photography by Three Star Photography and the entire dinner committee.


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