Dear Friend,

Every Shabbos we look forward to greeting your child/ren as they enter the doors to Chabad. As a parent you have the opportunity to Daven without distraction and your child can too!

Our weekly Shabbos Groups take place 10:00 AM - Noon and are divided into 3 classrooms:
Morah Dena - Ages 15 months - Kindergarten
Morah Goldie Wolowik, Chaviva Freedman & Zoe Poznanski - Girls grades pre1 A - 3
Morah Chaya Mushka Abrahams - Girls grades 4-7
Rabbi Meir Geisinsky, Daniel Neckenoff & Nochum Preger- Boys grades pre1 A - 6

In each group the children participate in davening, snacks, games and stories related to the Parsha, & outdoor play (weather permitted). Each week 2 children are chosen from the boys and girls groups to receive an award for their extra care in davening - AKA ‘Best Davener’.

We encourage all parents to take advantage of the program. The place for a child during Shul is next to their parent or inside a group. If your child is having a challenge with coming to the program, we will gladly work out a ‘special plan’ designed for your child. Shul is an important time for children to have positive feeling and memories of.

With that in mind we have revamped our already exciting program. Here is how!

1. Please click here to properly register your child.

2. Children that are registered will have a box in groups to keep their weekly ‘Torah tokens’ that will be used for the online prize store.

3. Torah tokens are given out for coming on time, davening as best as you can, being extra kind to others etc.

4. Each week the group leader will tell the children a trivia question AND THE ANSWER. After Shabbos log onto our website here and answer the question before Wednesday for extra Torah Tokens!

5. Every 12 weeks the children can log onto the PRIZE STORE online and ‘buy’ prizes with their tokens.

6. Parsha treats! On random weeks children attending groups will receive a treat as they leave connecting to the Parsha.

7. All Shabbos group participants will also enjoy special Melava Malkas and trips.

The new program will be in effect beginning January 30th. This will give the parents enough time to register their children. We encourage parents to use this time to discuss with us any questions or concerns.

If you would like to assist us in the future with prizes, incentives or funding for the children’s program please contact the office 516-295-2478.

We look forward to watching the children dance their way into Shabbos Groups!

Rabbi Meir and Hadassah Geisinsky

P.S. If you would like to speak to us please email [email protected] or call 516-295-2478 x19