To our Esteemed Shul Member and Congregant, It is a beautiful sight on Shabbos morning to see the constant flow of men, women & children come to Chabad to Daven.

In order to keep proper respect, decorum and safety for the children throughout the services; Chabad provides Youth Groups for children of all ages. Children ages 2-13 can either be in Groups or in Shul sitting next to a parent for the duration of services. Rabbi Meir Geisinsky is available to help create a ‘plan’ if your child is having a hard time adjusting to groups.

When there are no groups such as by evening services the children are totally on the responsibility of the parents. Which means that either they join their parent in Shul or they should not attend until they are ready to. Unfortunately children have gotten hurt and much damage has happened at Chabad during the time of evening services and children being unsupervised.

Please discuss the above information with your child/ren so they can be aware before they come to Shul. This can be used a learning opportunity of discussing proper conduct and respect for a holy place such as a Shul. For younger children the Levi Yitzchak Library has books on this subject.

Please sign the below consent to fully understand Chabad’s policy and legality involved in this.
Our number one care and concern is the safety of every single child.

Rabbi Zalman & Chanie Wolowik
Rabbi Meir & Hadassah Geisinsky

I , hereby understand the policy of the Chabad of the 5 Towns in regards to children ages 2-13 when attending services on Saturdays & Holidays. Children belong next to a parent in Shul or in the Youth groups. Chabad takes no responsibility for children not within our program during the time of services.

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