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We are currently accepting application forms for the 2019-2020 school year. Please fill out ALL fields of this form. If you have any questions or concerns you'd like to discuss with us, please contact us. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT UNTIL August 8.

If you would prefer to fill out this paper and mail it into our office, a PDF can be found here.

Please note that one registration form per child is needed.

No child will be turned away due to lack of funds. Please email Rabbi Meir for assistance:

We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth.


Registration Options
I am registering for the Sunday program 9:45-Noon.
Children, Kindergarten -  6th grade / $600
I am registering for the above Sunday Kindergarten program - No cost.
I am registering for the Brandeis 6th grade Girls Bat Mitzvah program once a month Sundays 9:45 – Noon.  - $180
I am registering for the CTeen Jr. program for Boys & Girls 7th & 8th grades 1st Sunday of each month / 10:30 AM  - Noon - $180


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CONFIDENTIAL: Does your child have any allergies or other medical condition we should be aware of? If yes, please describe them and indicate special precautions or care needed.

As the parent(s) or legal guardian of the above child, I/we authorize any adult acting on behalf of Chabad of the Five Towns Hebrew School to hospitalize or secure treatment for my child. I further agree to pay all charges for that care and/or treatment. It is understood that if time and circumstances reasonably permit, Chabad Hebrew School personnel will try, but are not required, to communicate with me prior to such treatment. I hereby give permission for my child to attend all field trips and outings sponsored by Chabad of the Five Towns Hebre School.

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We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth!


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For your convenience, you can now pay for Hebrew School online.

Kindergarten: No Cost

Grade 1 - 6 - $600

Brandeis 6th Grade Girls - $180

Cteen Jr. - $180

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